Super Trooper…Energy Armor?

I’ve always liked Super Trooper… I really like the way his Chest Armor snaps on over an existing chest.

I’ve long since thought it  be fun to play with the Armor Color, and have even gone so far as to make a “Fabulous Trooper”


What’s got me thinking about Super Trooper Armor are a couple pieces of Pre-Production Artwork that have been posted in the “GI JOE Discussion”Facebook group

superarmor supertrooper


It’s got me thinking about how much fun Could be had with Super Trooper’s Armor and Shield in different colors…Even Clears… Not sure about the Helmet and Gun…


“Behind AkBars”


He’ll Tell you that he was Set Up, that it was A TRAP!,  The Imperial Prosecutor will tell you that what he was doing with those Guppies is inappropriate for an officer of his Rank.  Are the videos doctored? Are we better off with him behind Bars?

Only You can decide what happens next.

Dropping, hopefully some time this January… A limited edition of 5, Custom Cast 3.75″ Action Figures, featuring: Full Articulation, Metal Rivets, Custom paint, and a Custom Card Back in a Resealable Clam-shell case.

WordPress is pretty easy… I get it. Zencart, not so much..

As the title says… The wordpress site has gone up pretty easily.   I still need to play with some features (pictures)  but for the most part Everything has been pretty easy to do.

The Store (zencart) is a bit more laborious… it’s not quite as “click and drag” simple… but the more I read the more it makes sense..  I just need to sit and devote time to learning it…

For the few if any who are aware of this site yet.. Please bear with me… and pester me a bit about it… peer pressure works surprisingly well on me even if I don’t want to admit it.